Aminah Water Birth

Jayne Alder, 

Words cannot describe the beauty gentleness and compassion of this amazing woman, mother and midwife.

When I was 46 years of age I birthed my third baby at home. It was a great honour to have Jayne as my attending midwife at the water birth. She had a deeply connected understanding of what I as a mother needed with her beautiful and gracious presence. A much needed balance between her midwifery knowledge and her life's wisdom, she was able to stand in this delicate place with me, with lovingness, sensitivity and compassion. I could relax and feel secure. 

Jayne understood me on my journey through the rites of passage that is pregnancy, birth and mothering.

Jayne is a true angel for all mothers. I highly recommend her to any woman who is looking for that kind connection and the skills to serve.

With Love, 

Maha Al Musa

Founder of EmbodyBirth

Midwife at water Birth
Midwife supporting mother at water birth
Newborn and mother after water birth